“I’m So Over The Sorority Thing”

This post was first published on my old blog Fitness Princess and has now found a home here. 

When I became a member of my sorority I felt in my heart that I was joining something bigger than myself.

But then along the way you tend to forget.

You forget the meaning of sisterhood because you live in such close proximity to your sisters and they inevitably get on your last nerve.

You forget the bonds you have with these women because boys, frat parties, and cooler decorating become more important.

You forget that you genuinely share an interest with some of the women in your chapter because they can be catty, mean-spirited, quirky, or downright weird. (But you know what, they’re family- and all families have the eccentric one, the dramatic one, the loud one, the quiet one, the one who is MIA majority of the time, and that’s what makes a family interesting. It makes a family a family. )

And then you graduate, and then you really forget.

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10 Makeup Items I’m Transitioning from Summer to Fall

Ah summer, my favorite time of year! I am a lover of the sun, don’t mind it being sweltering hot, and love a good dip in the pool, yes I’m a summer girl through and through! When it comes to summer makeup I love a lighter coverage so my freckles show through, but also want a bronzed glow! I’m naturally pale in complexion so a good bronzer is always at the top of my list, and wouldn’t you know there’s one on this list too! But I realized that while I love to look that way in the summertime there are a lot of my summer staples that I can easily transition into fall. Here’s some of my must-have products that were perfect for summer but have easily made it into my fall makeup routine:

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My Journey to Healthy

First I want to start by saying this post has taken a lot of courage to write and it is very personal to me. I wanted to share my story in the hopes of encouraging someone who may have been in a similar situation to take the first step on their journey to recovery. If you are struggling with an eating disorder please be aware that some things in this post may be triggering.

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