When You’re Meant for More

Growing up I always tended to think if I didn’t get something that I really wanted or had worked really hard for then it meant that I wasn’t good enough. I always put the blame on myself and figured if things didn’t work out how I wanted them to then it meant that I essentially was useless. But over the years I’ve come to realize that boy, oh boy, was I wrong.

You see my friends, when something doesn’t go your way or work out according to plan that could mean a couple of things – maybe it was bad timing or perhaps it was just you being unlucky. But instead of thinking about the negatives, I tend to think that it’s not just because we aren’t good enough or aren’t deserving, it’s because maybe that thing we so badly wasn’t meant for us and also, and most importantly, we’re meant for more.

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I’ve seen this happen time and time again in my life. Maybe that job you so desperately wanted and interviewed for didn’t work out, but that doesn’t mean an unknown, even better opportunity isn’t around the corner. Perhaps that relationship you so badly wanted to work out ended up fading or ending poorly, but maybe it’ll allow you to be in the right space for Mr. Right when the time comes along. Or maybe you don’t win a pageant (or ahem even place…yup you’re looking at her) that doesn’t mean you’re not beautiful and awesome and that even better career opportunities are coming your way!

You see thinking that things don’t work out because of something wrong with you is a terrible way to look at life, it really keeps you miserable.

But when you decide to think, “yeah I’m bummed that x,y, or z thing didn’t work out for me but that just means something better is coming” it puts you in a mindset that you’re ready for all the exciting and unexpected things life has in store for you to come your way, and when they come your way you’ll be ready to take life head on!

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I think the important thing I want you to take away from this post is to never stop trying, never stop following your dreams but also allow yourself to be open-minded enough to see that your dreams may manifest in different ways than you expect.

Like for example, maybe you’ve always dreamed of being a reporter – your goal was to always be lead anchor but you just could never get a job that led anywhere in your field or you did and then it just didn’t feel right. Well, maybe you need to think outside the box and you start a Youtube channel where you can talk about topics you’re passionate about and be in front of the camera like you’ve always dreamed! It may just start out as a hobby but it could end up as a full blown career! But hey, you never know unless you try new ways to do the things you love and are open to different dreams taking shape.

When you fail my friend, please don’t see it as a negative. See it as a way for the universe to open up your life for something greater in store.Because honey, you’re meant for more. 



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