Resolutions Worth Making in 2017

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Hi all!

I’m back with another Resolution Week post – can you believe we’re more than halfway done?! If you’re like me you’re already a little behind on choosing your resolution, maybe you can’t decide or maybe you just procrastinated – hey, I’m not judging. So I thought today I’d make a little list about resolutions worth making this year. Many of these are things that I would like to try to implement or have already been working on, and some, are just fun ideas!

Check out today’s video all about how to accomplish your goals/resolutions!

So without too much more introduction here’s my list of goals worth making in 2017:

  • Get off social media more and live in the moment
  • Try to go somewhere new once a month, whether that’s a restaurant, an event or traveling somewhere far away
  • Love yourself and your body no matter what the scale or society tells you
  • Take more photos, print them off and frame them or make photo books to gather memories of the year
  • Treat yourself at least once a week to a bubble bath/at home pamper night
  • Spend more time with your family – implement weekly family dinners
  • Drink more water!
  • Create a morning routine that makes you excited and prepared to tackle the day
  • Buy less, give more
  • Connect with your spirituality whether that’s going to church, praying, meditating, or doing whatever else helps you feel connected to the world, others and your faith
  • Send more thank you notes
  • Connect with old friends
  • Finally learn how to do winged eyeliner
  • Invest in yourself
  • Start that thing you’ve been putting off forever because you’re scared, the timing isn’t just right, or whatever other excuse you’ve been making

Well, that’s my list! Let’s make it a fabulous year guys. Let me know what your New Year’s resolution is in the comments below! 

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