Build Your Confidence at the Gym

Ah the new year, a time for resolutions and a time for new gym memberships! I personally love that so many people commit to getting healthier and taking care of themselves when it comes to the new year. But getting healthier and taking that first step is not always easy.

There’s the sense of being unsure when you start something new that perhaps you haven’t done for awhile or perhaps not even at all. Getting back into the gym can be exciting, frustrating, and intimidating. So many factors can affect how you feel in the gym whether it be how you look, what you can do, or figuring out how to just “fit in”. Today I wanted to talk about a couple tips and tricks to help you feel confident at the gym because I certainly have felt uncomfortable to the point of not even having the confidence to step foot in a gym but yet, now I absolutely love it and feel very comfortable there.  

I hope whether you’re new to the gym or are just starting to get back into it you may find some of my tips and tricks helpful! Know anything I missed? Leave it in the comments below! Let’s build each other up!  


Look Good, Feel Good

When it comes to dressing for the gym, looking good = feeling good. You don’t need to be the most fashionable by any means but you need to feel like you’re there to kick some butt! I love wearing my bright neon tanks with my favorite leggings because it makes me feel empowered. That’s the mindset I want you to have when you step into the gym – empowered and unstoppable.  Don’t be intimidated if you don’t feel comfortable walking around in short shorts and a crop top – everyone is at different stages in their journey and feels comfortable in different things. I think the most important thing is to wear something that makes you feel powerful and strong but is also functional so you can workout without having to worry about a wardrobe malfunction!


Do your Research 

If you’re brand new to the gym and don’t even know where to start, I suggest following some fitness Instagram accounts (not the ones where they just pose in their underwear, the ones that actually show you how to do exercises) or follow some popular fitness youtube channels or bloggers. They can give you an idea of some exercises to do with or without equipment and many of them talk about proper form, rep counts, etc.

When you’re starting out write down some basic exercises on your phone, create little workouts, and have a plan before you come to the gym. This will help you stay focused and get the most out of your workouts as well as make you feel confident because you’ll know what you’re doing!

Come Prepared

Along with bringing a list of workouts to do, make sure you bring the essentials. I bring everything from a water bottle, to bands, to a foam roller. (You can see everything I bring to the gym in my newest video.) Being prepared can also affect what you wear. If you know you’re going to be doing a lot of squats, make sure you wear the appropriate outfit that won’t ride up or be distracting while you’re trying to complete your reps.

You’ll also want to make sure you’ve planned your day around your workout – if you know you have to be somewhere right after, maybe bring a bag to the gym, shower and get ready there. Make the most of your time at the gym and make sure you plan ahead so you can get the best workout.


Bring a Friend

When you have someone there that you know it helps you feel more at ease. Knowing you have someone to push you, talk to, and maybe even show you a different exercise will make you feel much more confident even if you’re new to the gym. I found that when I went with people that I knew when I first started going to the gym it really helped me feel like I belonged and made it less stressful.

Find a buddy who is at a similar stage in their fitness journey that way you can both focus on lifting each other up instead of worrying that you can’t keep up or something silly like that! Working out should be fun and having a friend will definitely make the time fly by too!


Have a Mantra

After not going to the gym for a year, when I started going again I felt all sorts of insecure.  I felt like people were constantly staring and judging me for being there and I hated that I wasn’t “fit” anymore. To help me focus on something besides everyone around me I came up with a mantra, “You are here to be strong and healthy, now go to work.” This helped put me in the mindset of being powerful at the gym, taking control and reminding me of my purpose at the gym. It helped give me that push I needed and I’d say it over and over to myself when I felt the most uncomfortable or least confident. My mantra gave me a boost and really helped me focus and not give up.

Come up with your own mantra that inspires you and gives you that motivation to stop paying attention to everyone else and just do what you came to the gym to do – better yourself, and become healthier inside and out!  Sometimes you have to be your own biggest cheerleader!

So friends those are my tips for feeling a little more confident at the gym. I hope you leave feeling inspired and ready to take on your next workout!




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