Sephora VIB Sale Wish List

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What’s in my Spring FabFitFun Box?!

I was sooooo excited to receive my Spring FabFitFun box and must admit I did watch a couple un-boxings so I did ruin the surprise for myself just a little bit. However, I still thoroughly enjoyed un-boxing all of this season’s lifestyle and beauty goodies.

Besides getting amazing products for $39.99 (If you use a promo code), you also are introduced to brands that support charitable organizations. Along with including the price, I also want to share a little bit about some of the amazing work these brands are doing. You can also watch my Youtube video where I unbox it too!

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Resolutions Worth Making in 2017

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Hi all!

I’m back with another Resolution Week post – can you believe we’re more than halfway done?! If you’re like me you’re already a little behind on choosing your resolution, maybe you can’t decide or maybe you just procrastinated – hey, I’m not judging. So I thought today I’d make a little list about resolutions worth making this year. Many of these are things that I would like to try to implement or have already been working on, and some, are just fun ideas!

Check out today’s video all about how to accomplish your goals/resolutions!

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Makeup Organization 101

I have a pretty decent sized collection of makeup – you can check out all of my makeup and a HomeGoods haul here – and one of my big resolutions was to get organized. So I thought what better way to start my resolution then  to completely clean and organize my collection of makeup! I feel like I have a pretty good way of organizing and I wanted to share some different ways I’ve found to organize my makeup and I wanted to share it with you!

Keep reading for some pictures and ideas of how you can start to organize your makeup collection!

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Build Your Confidence at the Gym

Ah the new year, a time for resolutions and a time for new gym memberships! I personally love that so many people commit to getting healthier and taking care of themselves when it comes to the new year. But getting healthier and taking that first step is not always easy.

There’s the sense of being unsure when you start something new that perhaps you haven’t done for awhile or perhaps not even at all. Getting back into the gym can be exciting, frustrating, and intimidating. So many factors can affect how you feel in the gym whether it be how you look, what you can do, or figuring out how to just “fit in”. Today I wanted to talk about a couple tips and tricks to help you feel confident at the gym because I certainly have felt uncomfortable to the point of not even having the confidence to step foot in a gym but yet, now I absolutely love it and feel very comfortable there.  

I hope whether you’re new to the gym or are just starting to get back into it you may find some of my tips and tricks helpful! Know anything I missed? Leave it in the comments below! Let’s build each other up!  

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4 Healthy Breakfast Ideas + Recipes

Welcome to Resolution Week here on Strong is a Lifestyle! I will be posting everyday this week about a popular resolution so hopefully you will get inspired and motivated to accomplish all of your goals for 2017! For each post I will be uploading a corresponding video on the same subject on my Youtube channel! (Check out today’s video here and please subscribe to my channel!)

First up is one of the most popular resolutions and that is to eat healthier! To me eating healthy means eating balanced and filling meals. No diets here! I try to eat a lot of whole foods, limit my processed foods, and eat a mix of carbohydrates, fats, and protein for every meal. In keeping with that I think breakfast is THE most important meal of the day so I definitely try to incorporate all of the food groups I can to give me energy for the day ahead! Most importantly, in my opinion, is to have complex carbohydrates in your breakfasts as much as possible because it gives you sustained energy until your morning snack or lunch.

So here are my favorite filling and tasty breakfast recipes that are quick to make and will give you the energy you need to tackle the day!

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